Thank you for making a small dream of our families come true.
Our road started 4 years ago when we stayed in a vacation home in Reunion-that is when the gears started turning on the kind of opportunity vacation homes could provide to our family.

We found you on the internet by chance (well, lets be honest, you are all over the internet, so you are very easy to find!), and from the first phone call you never told us what to do, but you were the best sounding board to help lead us down the right road to make sure everything from where we built, to whom we built with, to who managed our property was designed perfectly for us and what we wanted to get out of this opportunity for personal use and for rental.  Trust me, we talked to many realtors and builders, you are a true vacation home specialist.  We had a lot of ideas, you took us all around Orlando, you helped us decide the size and location of the house based on what was best for us.

We are so glad this road took so long, because it was necessary for us to take it to get the end result. We are so thankful for your patience, and drive to make sure that when all was said and done the house we built was everything we could have dreamed of.  Building a home from afar is not easy, but between your updates, aerial photos, and the long video walk troughs of the progress on the house you helped make it like we were there the whole time. We stayed in it for the first time last month.

We have had friends and associates stay in it as well.  All of them, including us, didn’t want to leave the house, and instead of doing all things in Orlando, we all didn’t even want to leave the house! We couldn’t have done this without you, and after it is all said and done, we are happy to call you our friend.  Thank you for helping us create the house we love to call “Morlando!”

We look forward to you stopping by and enjoying a Guinness next time we are down there!

Brad and Lisa
Minnesota Golden Gophers

We are the very proud and extremely happy owners of a beautiful new family home at Storey Lake.
The house is just fabulous; the location is perfect – so close to all the main attractions yet in a tranquil setting overlooking the lake, and the site and the amenities are second to none.
The key to making this dream come true has definitely been Jerry!

After meeting Jerry and many other Realtors, at the ‘Place in the Sun’ exhibition in Manchester we started to research the vacation home market in Orlando and made plans to visit in September 2015.
Upon meeting with Jerry during our visit it soon became crystal clear that Jerry was the ‘man’ for us. His laid back professionalism and openness, mixed with his clear understanding of the market and the sales process, together with his ability to listen, have made our home purchase an easy, efficient and exciting experience.

Jerry went the extra mile to show us a wide selection of resales and new homes, all of which fitted our criteria on paper. A day spent with Jerry was all that was required to give him the insight he needed to find us the perfect home.
Well actually, it turned out to be just a building plot on the edge of a lake!

We had not really considered a new build before as we thought it would be difficult to co-ordinate the transformation into a family holiday home and vacation rental from overseas.
We can say whole heartedly that, with the help and advice from Jerry, his recommendations regarding management, tax, furniture and interior design and his updates and photographs during the building of our home, the entire project was a breeze and ran seamlessly from inception to receiving the keys.

Even now, after we have closed, Jerry is there to offer help. We would definitely recommend Jerry to anyone thinking of buying a home in Florida. His straightforward, comprehensive and honest approach with absolutely no pressure was greatly appreciated by us.  We have a stunning home in a fantastic location – cheers Jerry!

Many Thanks
Julie and Chris
Whitby, North Yorkshire.

It’s always a bit nerve wracking taking up a new venture with no experience or even someone to talk to who has been through the experience you are about to embark on, to ease you along and give you hints and tips, so when we decided to buy a holiday home in Orlando our first port of call was A Place in the Sun Roadshow down London.

We met Jerry and Alyssa at the show, along with other Realtor’s, but Jerry and Alyssa made the most impression and we liked them. They were easy to chat to, spoke frankly about what it takes to buy and run a holiday home and weren’t smarmy or pushy. Very shortly after we called Jerry, had a chat about what we were looking for and visited Orlando. Jerry met us, showed us various communities and houses for sale so we could get a feel for what was available and what we could realistically afford, whilst he sussed out what we were after, but he had already figured that out from talking to us! Within two days we had made our minds up and sealed the deal.

This was all made possible by Jerry who has been an absolute rock star throughout the whole process. We could not have picked a better Realtor to make our holiday home purchase.
He was professional, honest, showed us a wide spectrum of what was available for us to buy and then let us make our own minds up. He did not rush or pressurize us and told us all the pros and cons of what we were looking at so we had a full picture of the situation to make the best decision. You can ask him anything and be candid about what you think about the properties he shows you (he is also quite funny!).

We would recommend Jerry in a heartbeat and he will continue to be our Realtor. He has a great team, backed up with all the other professional people you will need on your own team to make a holiday home successful.

Megan and Mark Taylor
The UK

The Jerry Barker Group are one of the most responsive and professional teams we have ever worked with.

Right from the beginning we were met with true enthusiasm and dedication. The factual yet friendly approach assisted us in making key decisions and made what we thought would be a complicated project from afar one of ease and excitement to manage.

We’re not usually over enthusiastic with testimonials but on this occasion it would be a shame to not give praise where praise is due. We’ve made good friends with the Jerry and his family over the past year and cannot thank them enough for sharing with us a vision and journey to build a truly fabulous property.

Thank you!!
Matt and Alison Beech
Isle of Man

We were referred to Jerry by our good friends who told us “You have to use this guy”.

Of course without any reservation we contacted Jerry and from there on it was the best decision we could have made to suit our purpose. Jerry was very knowledgeable about the real estate market in Florida. More importantly we found him to be very honest and genuine in his advice on property selection for our needs.

During the entire process from selection of property to closing, Jerry became our eyes, hands and feet in Florida as we were many miles away.

The level of trust we had in him was invaluable and we greatly appreciated his professionalism coupled with genuine care for his clients. We would recommend Jerry to anyone, hands down!
Camille & Alexie

Jerry, Jim and I want to thank you for all you’ve done and are still doing to help us acquire and furnish our new vacation home in Orlando. As we’re from the Boston area, and this being a new complex under construction, and an exchange purchase, your expertise and guidance was invaluable. You we’re always available and had the answers to our many questions.

From finding the property, the purchase and sale agreement , the walk through, the many pictures you sent to keep us updated, the closing, and the referrals of the management company and of course our decorator who we adore.
We feel at this point you are not just our realtor but a friend, I would advise anyone who is thinking about acquiring property in Orlando to seek your guidance. We have never purchased vacation property before and you made it seem so easy.
Thank You

Karen & Jim Smith

When we began our search for properties in Orlando we initially made contact with several realtors. Jerry asked us for our criteria and he then identified a number of potential properties for us to look at.

We met Jerry for the first time when we went to look at homes that met our criteria. We got on really well from the moment we met him, he is a very engaging person full of information and ideas that helped us secure our house in Orlando. He took time to get to know us and then made some additional suggestions that we might be interested in – he was excellent. As we moved through the buying process he was always available to help and make recommendations, putting us in touch with various professionals to close the transaction.
He also put us in touch with an interior design team when we decided to completely renovate the house, as well as management companies to look after it as we move in to marketing the rentals.

He has continued to stay in touch with us making sure that everything is in order. I can’t thank or praise him enough – I just don’t know what we would we have done without him.

I am using Jerry again to help us find our next property and would highly recommend him.

Tony and Maureen

We did not know where to start with buying a house in Florida, and were not even sure whether we wanted to, but with your careful and unpressured approach we gradually became both comfortable with the idea and educated on where we wanted to look.

From day one we regarded you first and foremost as a true friend, and at no time did we feel any pressure from yourself in our search. As you know our first choice evaporated as we were not looking to pay the full asking price for the preferred property, but none of us gave up and with your careful guidance we have ended up with a much more desirable property than we originally chose and at a much better price.

Now we are settling into the ownership role you have continued to support us in unbiased advice and kind recommendations whether we have bothered you day or night, and you have tirelessly encouraged us.

Thank you from us all Jerry – we now look forward to developing our friendship from our new house !!
The start of the journey was daunting in our ignorance – but you took us there by a most enjoyable route – you are a real professional !
Our Best Wishes to you and the family,

James, Julie, Daisy and Tilly Shepherd